Audition for NJYS

View the NJYS 2015 2016 Season Brochure

If you are a student who plays violin (Grades 3-9), viola (Grades 3-9), double bass, French horn, or trombone and are interested in auditioning for the 2015-2016 season, please contact Manager of Orchestras Stacy Beltran at Final auditions will be held on Thursday, September 3. An audition time must be scheduled through the NJYS office.

Jazz auditions will be arranged by Manager of Orchestras Stacy Beltran. Students who play piano, drums, double bass, or any brass instrument, please contact her at

Audition Registration Procedures

  • music-note-1Create a parent and student account and register for an audition after by clicking on the Register tab.
  • music-note-1A non-refundable registration fee of $60 for an individual or $80 for a family must be paid prior to enrolling for the audition in a separate transaction by clicking on Registration Fees and proceeding. An automatic receipt will be emailed upon completion.
  • music-note-1Under classes, select NJYS Entrance Audition for Flutes, Percussion, or All Instruments. The registration fee covers the cost of the audition.
  • music-note-1NJYS will send a follow up receipt of registration email within two weeks of registration.
  • music-note-1NJYS staff will begin scheduling auditions in mid-April.
  • music-note-1Audition time confirmation will be sent via email along with additional instructions. A reply to this email is required to approve and confirm the audition time slot.


General Audition Requirements – Participants will be asked to demonstrate the following:

  • music-note-1Solo piece of student’s choice that demonstrates talent and skill level. Students will be allowed to play approximately 3 minutes worth of music. Judges reserve the right to stop the audition.
  • music-note-1Sight reading appropriate to grade level.
  • music-note-1Scales: Please refer to each instrument sheet for scale requirements.


Scale Requirements By Instrument (Click on your instrument below to download the scale requirement PDF):

Woodwinds (Excluding Flutes)


Audition Guidelines and Tips

  • music-note-1Formal Attire is not required. However, presentation is important. Dress to impress and feel your best!
  • music-note-1Make sure the solo you choose is the best representation of your talent and skill. Picking and choosing an excerpt from a much longer piece is acceptable. Use the time you have wisely, and avoid wasting it by playing sections of a piece that do not show what you can do. (You may not have time to get to “the good part”.)
  • music-note-1Practice. The best advice in the simplest form. Playing an instrument is just like studying for an exam, don’t cram!
  • music-note-1Memorization is not required, but don’t forget to bring your music!
  • music-note-1Parents are not allowed in the audition room. However, the best form of preparation is to present your piece to your friends and family. If you can play it in front of them, you can play it in front of anyone. It also helps with nerves.
  • music-note-1Before the audition it is always a good idea to visit your favorite repair shop for routine maintenance on your instrument.
  • music-note-1Come prepared: bring extra strings, reeds, bows, valve grease, etc.
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