Audition for NJYS

Audition for the New Jersey Youth Symphony 2018-2019 season!

Audition Eligibility

  • • Orchestral, Percussion and Jazz Musicians, Rising 3rd-12th graders, residents of New Jersey
  • • Current members must audition each year to secure a position in an ensemble
  • • Applicants (both new and current members) must submit an online audition registration

Additional instructions regarding the audition process and a link to the application form are below.

Note: Acceptance into NJYS is based on musical ability as demonstrated at the audition, without regard to sex, race, religion, disability, or national origin. Final decisions regarding placement in an ensemble are made by the Artistic Director in consultation with the Conductors after reviewing the findings of the Audition Judges.

How to Register to Apply for an audition

CLICK HERE to Register for an Audition

As we are launching a new website, please create your account on our new registration system before registration for your audition online:  Create an Account.

April 2, 2018       Registration opens

May 1, 2018        Registration closes

  • • Review the audition requirements before registering for your audition.
  • • Registration fee is a non-refundable fee that covers the audition, and the enrollment fee, if admitted to the program:
  • $60 Individual- only one student musician in the Wharton Institute organization.
    $90 Family- more than one student musician in the Wharton Institute organization.
  • • Select the appropriate date of your audition based on your grade and instrument. The new audition process requires all students audition on these selected dates.
  • • Before registering online, please make sure to have the name and composer of your solo piece, private teacher’s name and email, and school teacher’s name ready to submit.

Audition Schedule
Grade as of
Sept. 2018                          Audition Dates

String Players

3rd – 5th                                 May 24, 25

6th – 8th                                 May 29, 30

9th – 12th                               June 4, 5

Winds and Brass Players (saxophones see below)

4th – 5th                                 May 31, June 1

6th – 8th                                 May 22, 23

9th – 12th                               June 6, 7


6th – 12th                               June 9

Saxophones and all Jazz instruments

6th – 12th                               June 9


9th – 12th                              June 1


  • • Upon registration, you will receive an automatic receipt transaction email that will include a link to a SignUpgenius page to sign up for audition time slot.

Audition Requirements

Requirements and Scales can be found below.
Grade as of Sept. 2018                  

All Orchestral Students rising grades 9-12

Winds and Brass rising grades 4 and 5

Winds and Brass rising grades 6-8

Percussion Ensemble and Orchestra Requirements

Viola rising grades 3-5

Viola rising grades 6-8

Violin rising grades 3-5

Violin rising grades 6-8

Cello rising grades 3-5

Cello rising grades 6-8

Bass rising grades 3-5

Bass rising grades 6-8

Jazz Audition for Rising Grades 6-12

Jazz Scale Sheet

Jazz Audition Excerpts

Audition Guidelines

  • • Private music instruction can only help your chances for a successful audition. If you have not studied privately you are strongly encouraged to get some private lessons with a music teacher before you audition.
  • • Be sure to understand the audition requirements for your instrument.
  • • Choose repertoire that demonstrates your ability to perform in a variety of styles and tempos. Fast movements that demonstrate your technical abilities as well as slow movements that demonstrate good tone quality, intonation, and vibrato (if appropriate) would be a good combination.
  • • Choose repertoire that is appropriate to your level of expertise. An easier piece played well will be more successful than a more difficult piece played poorly.
  • • Perform mock auditions for your music teacher(s) and your friends. Don’t over practice the day before your audition, unfortunately, you cannot cram for an audition.
  • • Sight-reading so you will be able to sight-read effectively at your audition.
  • • Memorization is not required.
  • • Please provide the judges with two copies of your music.


Get a recording(s) of the repertoire you will be performing. Recordings of most traditional repertoire can be located via online resources such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Listen to the recording(s) many times while you follow your written music. Try to perform along with the recording until you feel secure performing it on your own.

Remember that your audition begins the moment you enter the audition room, not just when you begin performing your audition repertoire. Dress appropriately to indicate your seriousness of purpose and to show respect for the judge, music, and process, speak confidently and respectfully, smile and make eye contact with the adjudicators.

Don’t worry about minor mistakes during the audition. The adjudicators are not expecting a perfect performance-they are mainly interested in your future potential.

Questions can be directed to the Manager of Orchestras, Stacy Beltran at

Audition Results and Enrollment for the NJYS 2018-19 Season

Audition results will be emailed to you by the end of June. Final decisions regarding placement in an ensemble are made by the Artistic Director in consultation with the Conductors after reviewing the findings of the Audition Judges. All decisions are final and re-auditions are not permitted.

End of June        Results will be emailed

July 15, 2018      Enrollment Deadline for all ensembles and Chamber Music. After this date spots will be offered to alternate musicians, and waitlist students.

September 5-7 Rehearsals begin. See ensemble calendar

Review the acceptance contract, season schedule and our handbook, please visit our website.

Enrollment Deadline is July 15. Visit our website for ensemble tuition costs.

Students who have been offered alternate positions will be notified shortly after July 15 when positions are made available.

Payment Policies

  • • Sibling discount of 5{943a4b15b9a2597b96acfc8bc05eed6bd52e46c6740ef9eeda7eaed46f343bb2} will be applied automatically for the tuition of lesser rate.
  • • Tuition must be paid in full by July 15, or a commitment to pay full tuition through payment plans payable by pre-authorized credit card withdrawals are available. By choosing this method of payment, ensemble members are committing to pay the full year tuition, which is nonrefundable after September 1, 2018. There is a Payment Plan fee of $20. Refund Policy
  • • Financial Assistance Application is available online.