Audition for NJYS

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Audition for New Jersey Youth Symphony for 2017-18
Saturday, June 3- Percussion Ensemble and
Jazz Program
Tuesday, June 6- New Flute Students
Wednesday, June 7- All Other Instruments 

Audition registration deadline for new students is June 1, 2017. Audition Times will be distributed by email, by mid-April by Stacy Beltran, Manager of Orchestras. Time slot requests are not gaurenteed, but we will do our best to accommodate. For questions email Stacy Beltran at

Audition Requirements by Instrument:


Woodwinds (Excluding Flutes)
Additional Percussion Requirements:
Junior Trap Etudes
High School Traps
Snare Rudiments

Jazz Audition Requirements

Audition Registration Procedures

  • • Register for an audition online by clicking on the Register tab.
  • • A non-refundable Registration Fee of $60 for an individual or $90 for a family must be paid prior to registering for an audition.
  • • Under classes, select NJYS Entrance Audition for Flutes, Percussion, or New Student Entrance Auditions (All Other Instruments).
  • • Audition appointments are scheduled based on grade and instrument.
  • • NJYS will contact students by email to schedule an audition.
  • • Acceptance to an NJYS ensemble will be announced by email.
  • • Students must register online for their ensemble no later than August 1, 2017.
  • • Additional auditions will be scheduled in August 2017 to fill any available seats in NJYS ensembles.

Payment Policies
•Sibling Discounts
are available. Tuition for the child in the most advanced ensemble is at the full rate and tuition for each additional child in the same household is discounted by 10%.
•Payment Plans
payable by pre-authorized credit card withdrawals are available. By choosing this method of payment, ensemble members are committing to pay the full year tuition which is non-refundable after September 1, 2016. There is a Payment Plan fee of $20.
•Financial Assistance
is available. Complete the Financial Assistance Form available by clicking here.

Audition Guidelines and Tips

  • • Formal Attire is not required. However, presentation is important. Dress to impress and feel your best!
  • • Make sure the solo you choose is the best representation of your talent and skill. Picking and choosing an excerpt from a much longer piece is acceptable. Use the time you have wisely, and avoid wasting it by playing sections of a piece that do not show what you can do. (You may not have time to get to “the good part”.)
  • • The best advice in the simplest form. Playing an instrument is just like studying for an exam, don’t cram!
  • • Memorization is not required, but don’t forget to bring your music!
  • • Parents are not allowed in the audition room. However, the best form of preparation is to present your piece to your friends and family. If you can play it in front of them, you can play it in front of anyone. It also helps with nerves.
  • • Before the audition it is always a good idea to visit your favorite repair shop for routine maintenance on your instrument.
  • • Come prepared: bring extra strings, reeds, bows, valve grease, etc.

For questions, please call 908-771-5544 or email